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of Kasturi Rangappa with the following1 message::;We di-":
not injure you in any manner. It Is not proper that TOU
should wage war upon us without provocation/' Kastun
Sangappa replied, " I gave a promise to Sari Oba]ar~ja that I
would get him back his estate ; and I wor/i return ir ;na this
war, unless you relinquish your hold upon it/"* On tlie receipt
of this reply, Timmaraja made himself ready for battle with an
army of 90 elephants, 1,000 horses, and 12,000 infantry.

Kasturi Rangappa marched for battle with S^GOO^ s^ldi^rs
accompanied by Damera Venkatappa 2s ay ad u and ofter cliiefg.
A fierce engagement took place in wliicli Tiramaruj'j'/P troops
were scattered, and fifty-three chiefs including1 Li;,jraruj,i,
Timmanna, 3Ialluvaru Virayya, Sankenapalli Saarharayya.
Timmaraju, Venkatarajn, Kondrajii; and Dasariruju were
killed.^ The remaining chiefs who were panic-stricken FOiight
the protection of Kasturi Bangappa. He spared their lives,
and gave back to Sari Gbala his territory.

This battle was fought on S. S. 1501 (A.D. 1579), Pramadi,
Avija iu 8, Sunday,

yW*jfi/ai'5r* Va&Sacxrit'-ff   fp. &3-S.
i4.0o.    SKIRA.]S 'j-aiS-n. i A. i.

TAVRJR   PtV T\.TA'?5^rT"T5;
1/\.JV>O   WJS   iViAlXjXL. i 


On 6. S. 1496 Bhava, Magha in 2, Friday, (14th Jan. 1575
AJX) ParacuruPapaNayadu, a grandson of PemmasaBi Timma
Nayadu, and a subordinate of Sri Vlra Hangarayadeva Maha-
ray a, built a peia at Krasur in tie Bellaxakonda ^7irz, started
a market, and granted a stone charter to the people of all
PataJcamulas (?) :

We have remitted the 34 (?) rsdanas such as panmt,
paravi (farftyam), gaddem (khaddayam ?), kRnifce, ce?J*
kotana, etc., for twelve years. After that, we shall

* Gutti Venkatarkju was despatched as an ambassador not from YejjC*2UJ;ta but N^l*t^ff"
f The poem -which describes the battle has only 2,000.
$ Tho account given here Is very faulty,  as it contradict* tk tvidisacft of tt ccai*sn-
porary accoiwit No- 2^